Stress Education and Services for Individuals and Businesses​

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Donna Royal, RN

 Donna Royal has experience in the medical field as well as behavioral health and can provide an interactive experience that is comforting, safe, and empowering to you.  She has developed these techniques over time, and has a passion for teaching because she has witnessed incredible transformations when clients utilize these techniques. 

Simplicity Reduces Complexity in our Lives

Stress RX believes that fundamental changes can occur by utilizing techniques that are simple to learn and easy to implement in your daily life.  A variety of tools are available from education on breathing, self-accupressure, natural supplements, ear seed clinics, biofeedback, guided imagery, and resourcing to meet personal needs.

 Stress Coping Skills taught by Donna enhance involvement with therapy, and are not a substitute for therapy, but rather a positive addition.