Stress Education and Services for Individuals and Businesses​


Managing Stress

Stress is a part of life, but it doesn't have to RULE your life.  Stress RX knows that fundamental changes can occur by utilizing techniques that are simple to learn and easy to implement in your daily life. Education on how stress manifests in the body and tools to lower the stress response is taught in a manner to enhance understanding through demonstrations and participation.

Classes are interactive, and the class itself is relaxing.  You will walk out more relaxed than when you walked in.

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Class Times and Location

Stress Coping Skills Workshops for:  April -May 2018

* Saturdays  4/14, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26.

              1:00 -2:00 pm

* Reservations necessary -  


* 3210 E. Ft. Lowell Rd. Ste 103.

* $30 cash or check

* Paypal Invoicing available

4/7 - will be at the NAMI Walk in Tucson - stop by and say hello!

Call for a private session, or to arrange a group session. 

Sessions can be conducted via Messenger for distance sessions.

Stress RX will be at the Tucson Natural Health Fair on 4/18 from 11 - 4pm.  

3182 N. Swan Rd.

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Stress Services for Businesses

Improve morale, and increase productivity by providing stress education and services for your employees.  Education can be done on site.  Additionally, I can return on a regular basis and place ear seeds for stress and anxiety support.  Ear seeds utilize acupressure points in the ear and are quite popular once one is introduced to them.  Placing ear seeds allows time to check in and do a stress check and resourcing.

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Stress RX strives to provide quality education and services at an affordable price.   LIfe is stressful enough!

Stress less with Stress RX Book: $15 : Email [email protected] to order a copy.  Shipping and Handling additional $5.

Workshops: $30 a person.  Please register beforehand through email or phone.   Cost includes a copy of the Booklet "Stress Less with Stress RX".

                       PayPal Invoicing Available

Individual Sessions:  Price Dependent on Location. 

Workshops at your business: Price dependent on location and number of employees enrolled. Please call to make arrangements.

Ear Seed Clinic at your Business: $10 a person first time, repeat , semi-weekly or monthly  - $5 a person.  8 person minimum to come to a business within Central Tucson.  Locations further than 10 miles away will require a higher minimum dependent on the location.